Artisan, jeweler, alchemist, treasure hunter, nomad, whose almost shamanic sensitivity to uncovering the soul of each object makes magical combinations possible. She brings back to life tiny discoveries between the organic and the forgotten, the story hidden by each object’s functional past, transforming them into new and innovative creations; shark’s teeth, San Diego, coins that no one listens to anymore, stone from Bangkok, Bali or the Philippines…; exquisite Pop miniatures found using her almost spiritual perception, from the street markets of Asia and traditional antique sellers of China where she has lived for the last 10 years.

Color, magic, and alchemy, transmutation of materials yesterday you were a door and today you display my joy, yesterday you were a stamp and today beauty brilliance and a lighthouse of glances; it is that sensitivity in finding the essence of each object that makes every one of her creations an event, a splendid creature who has found her truth, her soul, the meaning of her existence “MAMIA” in her native tongue of Euskal Herria.

All of her pieces are hand crafted without using molds or industrial process, so each piece is unique and exclusive. Resin, leather, hardwoods, silver, silks, everything combined using the process of classical sculpture, in which we discover the soul of each piece by clearing out the secondary to give light to the substance, knowing that the piece exists per se, one only has to arm oneself with patience and let it come out little by little, so it will finally reveal itself, master of it’s own self.